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The spirit and practice of collective impact has been alive and well in Newport County, Rhode Island for a long time. Twenty five years ago, the Newport Partnership for Families brought our community together to improve the quality of life for all.

Our model for collective impact has stood the test of time, and can be used by other communities to accelerate the pace of healthy change.

The Newport Model for Collective Impact

  • RECOGNIZE INTERDEPENDENCE. Shift from seeing your community in terms of sectors, see it as an interdependent system of individuals and organizations.
  • RE-THINK CULTURE. Adopt a norm of open collaboration, moving away from the norm of cooperative competition.
  • CREATE INFRASTRUCTURE. Establish an independent organization with governance, staff, process and fiscal accountability to ensure sustainability.
  • SET GOALS TOGETHER. Collectively, reach informed consensus about the opportunity, challenge, and measure outcomes that will be achieved.
  • MAP THE SYSTEM SOLUTION. Define the inter-connected people, place and policy factors that will contribute to healthy change. Align efforts to address them all, not just one.
  • CONNECT OFTEN. Social change is hard work. Regular meetings, email, and digital collaboration tools help to sustain collective action.
  • CELEBRATE MILESTONES. Measure progress, and celebrate gains, large and small. Metrics and merriment keep progress on track.

FINALLY, RECOGNIZE INTERDEPENDENCE once again. What you’ve achieved, you’ve achieved together.

Major Projects


Chronic Early Absenteeism & Truancy Reduction Initiative

The Chronic Early Absenteeism & Truancy Reduction Initiative works to reduce Chronic Early Absenteeism and Truancy in the City of Newport. Read More


Underage Substance Abuse Workgroup

The Underage Substance Abuse Workgroup addresses Underage Substance Abuse through prevention and intervention. Read More


McKinney-Vento CARES

The Newport Public Schools Newport CARES Initiative in collaboration with Newport Partnership for Families is designed to secure and promote homeless children/youth enrollment, attendance, and success in school regardless of the permanency of their residence in the district. Read More


Reading Reaps Rewards “R3” Initiative

During summer vacation, many students find themselves without access to mind stimulating activities and by end of the summer, many students perform, on average, one month behind from where they left off in the spring. Read More

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